Evagelismos tis Theotokou

The monastery of “ Evagelismos tis theotokou” is 1.50 km northeast of Vatopedi and 4 km from Ormilia, is the biggest in Greece and hosts 130 persons, 110 nuns and 20 priests. It is one of the several dependencies of Agio Oros.   The area that is now the village of Vatopedi, owned to the monastery but in 1924 after the expropriation the land was given to immigrands and they build the village.  There are testimonials that the monastery exists from the 12th century.  The first years there was a central building that was build in 1903, a small church dedicated in Virgin Mary and some storage spaces. In 1974 the monastery was purchased from the monastery of Simonos Petras and turned it into a nunery which is under the guidance of the Simonos Petras monastery. Today the monastery has 120 nuns and the abbes is nun Nikodimi.  All of the buildings had been renovated and new buildings have also build with respect in the Athonite tradition.  The Catholic is a temple with dome in Byzantine rhythm and the visitors can admire the handmade from the nuns’ mosaic floors and frescoes. The monastery celebrates on 25th of March and on 22nd  of July.

Telephone: 2371041278, 2371041498

The monastery is closed for the public Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Opening hours 10:00 -16:00 in summer

                        10:00- 14:00 in winter



Agios Ioannis Prodromos

This monastery is in Metamorphosi, 2 km north of the village and about 96 km from Thessaloniki at the beginning of peninsula of Sithonia. It was founded in 1975 from the dean Grigorio Papasotiriou. The first nuns of the monastery were citizens of Metamorfosi and Vatopedi. In the first years the nuns were using the buildings of an old monastery that was in the same area but as the time passed all of the old buildings have been renovated. In 30/08/1981 was the inauguration of the temple.

This temple is in Byzantine rhythm with dome and is dedicated in Genesio of Prodromou.  The construction of the temple was finished after 10 years with donations of the visitors.

The monastery celebrates on 24th of June and on 29th of August.  

Today it has 50 nuns.

The monastery is closed for the public Wednesdays and Fridays and all of the forty days before the Easter.

Telephone: 2375061592



Agios Arsenios O Kappadokis

This monastery is about 95 km from Thessaloniki. In Vatopedi between the monasteries of Ormilia and Ioannou  Prodromou.  It belongs in Holy Metropolis of Kassandria. It was founded with the inducement of the blessed monk Paissios. This temple is in Byzantine rhythm with dome. It celebrates on 10th of November in memory of Agios Arsenios and on 1st of October in the memory of Agia Skepi according the Byzantine tradition. Today it has 14 monks.

The monastery is closed for the public Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The rest of the days the opening hours are 08:00-13:00 in the morning and 17:00- 20:00 in the afternoon.

Telephone: 2371098424


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