Polygiros - Tsoukalas

Polygiros - Tsoukalas

This walk takes one up onto the mountain overlooking Polygiros from the south- east. The first part of the trip  provides  panoramic views of  the city and terrain  to  the northwest, as it winds its way up to the church of the Prophet Elias. This church, with its large  stone  cross,  is  a prominent  landmark  that stands high above the town. The route then follows the mountain ridge leading east to the Telecommunications masts on  the  summit  of Stavrou Tuba (942m).This is  followed  by  a  steep descent down a ridge back to Polygiros. The paths on this  route  have  all  been made through the scrubland in the last few years  and should be in good condition, so   stout   shoes   should suffice  (2,5 hours)

This  hillside, previously  inaccessible, is  well endowed with flowering     shrubs, flowers and  butterflies, according to the season.

Polygiros, standing at 600m above sea level, is  the administrative centre of Halkidiki. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the citizens of Polygiros began  the uprising   in  1821   against the Turks. This eventually led to the ousting of the Turks   from   the   area   in 1912. Polygiros has an interesting archeological museum  with  artefacts from all over Halkidiki.

The  walk  begins  at  a  small pavilion  and  garden  situated about  200m  west,  along  the road from   the  hospital in Polygiros. A  red  brick  built Eklissaki  stands  nearby.  The town  council  constructed the path from here to the church of the  Prophet Elias,  and  on  to the  summit  of  Stavrou Tuba, some   years   ago.   the  route winds  through  the dense vegetation  on  the  hillside, providing frequent panoramic views over the city and valley below, with  Mount  Olympus on the horizon beyond; more than  60km  away.  The  path emerges onto the access road to the church about 200m from it. Spare time here to go up to the church and enjoy the fine view over the town from this elevated position. Retrace your steps to the junction below the church to  continue  the  walk. Here another path leads eastwards, up onto the ridge towards the telecommunications masts.  Wooden  signposts  in Greek indicate the distance as 1892m.The path is also marked  with  Poseidon  signs. This  track  gradually  climbs towards the ridge, meandering up and down as it follows the twists and turns in the hillside.

In 500m the path passes below a large rockface to arrive at a viewpoint  with  shelter   and bench seat in a further 300m.  From  here  the  track soon reaches the top of the ridge and passes through open woodland with rocky promontories overlooking the valley below, to arrive at a fenced children's park and picnic area.

The large  rectangular metal construction   is  a  microwave mirror,   relaying    the signal from a transmitter somewhere in the valley below to a receiver at another  location. The walk now continues eastwards along the ridge, which then swings to the   south   to   pproach    the transmitting  masts, which  are placed at the highest  point on the hillside. Follow the Poseidon   signs  on  this  new route,  cut  through  the  dense vegetation.     The path  now descends down the steep ridge south of the summit to the east of  Polygiros.  Just  above  the asphalt road the track turns to travel parallel the road, giving fme  views  to  the  west,  with Polygiros in the foreground. Eventually the road is crossed as  it  swings northwards to contour the  hillside  and  the path zig zags down a wide fire­ break, cut along the line of the ridge leading  back to Polygiros.    A  short walk through this developing area of the town will bring you back to the startpoint.


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