Porto Carras - Vineyards

In the original book this walk took one up in to the vineyards of Porto Carras. This is now no longer possible and it has been  replaced  by  a  route that  follows the beautiful coastline with  its many sandy bays  to the south of Porto Carras. The route is mostly along a traffic free road and one returns by the same route so the length of walk can be changed to suit the weather and other circum­ stances. On reaching the farthest point at the vehicle barrier it is possible to con­tinue another  2 kilometres to  a beach taverna if desired.

For those wanting a short walk giving fine views over the sea another route, which climbs   up   into   an   olive grove near Porto Carras, has been added to this section.

Coastal Walk: The start point for both of these walks is Kohi Beach, just beyond the Porto Carras Marina. From the car park at Kohl Beach walk south on the road past the barrier. The road climbs and turns to the  left  at  its  highest  point curving round and descending to pass round a small sandy bay. Soon  large metal  gates block the way for vehicles, but walkers can pass through. These  gates  form  part  of  a continuous  metal  fence  that was constructed several years ago, for security reasons, when a European Community Summit conference was held at Porto Carras. A few metres past these gates is a path to the left leading up into the wood. This is the route for the short walk (see the map opposite). For the coastal walk continue on  round  several  more  fine coves with sandy beaches. You should not meet much traffic on this road as it is not open to the public. The road eventually becomes a sandy track with the occasional olive grove, a fire watch tower, and an orchard of mandarin orange trees to  be seen on the left. To the right are the beaches and waters of the Toroneos Gulf. After 4km or so you will arrive at another barrier peventing  vehicle access  from  the  public  road beyond. Here you  may  turn and retrace your steps back to the start.

However there is the option to continue south on the public road for a further 2 km to arrive at the Taverna "Toni" or a further 800m to the Taverna "Panos"   for well earned refreshm'ent.

Short Walk: This short  3km route  takes  one  in  a  circle round  a  small  valley  planted with olives. From Kohl Beach follow  the  road  south  to  the iron gates across the road. A few metres after the gate tum left up a narrow path into the wood  to  reach  a  farm  track. Follow   this   track   round   a double loop  as  it  climbs  to reach the security fence. Follow  the  fence  for  about 1OOm to reach another track bearing off to the right  to contour  round the  small valley and eventually descend back to the farm track, near a largeCupressus tree. Then retrace your steps to return to Kohi Beach.


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