Porto Koufo

This easy walk starts at the beautiful   natural harbor of Porto Koufo on the west coast of Sithonia. The route uses farm and goat tracks to reach Kapros the  remote  southern  peak of the peninsula.

The path passes through an area in a  rich in flora and fauna  and  fine views  can be  obtained  from  Kapros of the precipitious cliffs along the coast. On a fine day  the  Sporades  Islands can be seen to the southwest.

Porto Koufo featured in recent history. The fine natural   harbor with   its very deep  waters  made  it an excellent base for the German    U-boats based in the Eastern Mediterranean. Remains of a concrete water reservoir and     anti­ aircraft gun platforms can still be seen on the summit of Kapros. From  the  minor  road  giving access to the harbor walk in an easterly direction along the harbor road, past the pleasure craft at their moorings. At the end of the stone jetty continue along the road  until  it  veers away  from  the  shoreline. To the right can be seen the wide entrance  to this harbor, bounded by high rocky cliffs. Now walk up to the main road (take care traffic) and follow it, keeping to the right side, past the Porto Koufo   hotel   for about 400m to reach a wooden pavilion  with  the  walk  map displayed. Turn right here down the track with olive trees on your right. This leads past several houses and then rises to the southeast through scrub land reaching a minor summit in a further 200m with a small blue painted Eklissaki (little church) at a path junction. Looking back to Porto Koufo a fine view of the village and harbour can be seen. The track now descends, winding gradu­ ally down the hillside and turn­ ing to the east, through olives groves, open  scrub and occasional small fields. Look for the markers to ensure you keep on the main track. After 400m  of  gradual  descent,  a white stone Eklissaki is passed as the track rises again to reach a newly built house at a bend in the track. Continue on until, in about 200m, a junction is reached. Here a rough track drops steeply to the right. Follow it down and across the scrubland to point A on the map. Here the path turns sharp left to lead steeply up to the top of  the 65m  cliff  overlooking the sea. A much better viewpoint is reached by following the goat tracks up to the right through the scrub to the edge of the cliffs with rocks and occasional grassy patches to sit on. This is a fine place to rest and enjoy the magnificent views and the dramatic vertical drops to the sea 200m below.

To return retrace your steps to point A on the map and look for the markers which follow the lower edge of the field above. The  route follows the edge of the field eventually leading on to an old path which rises  through olive groves to a  pavilion   with bench seat overlooking the harbour  to  the  north.  From here follow the track leading steeply down to re-join the road we came in on. From here retrace your   steps  to  the Tavernas at Porto Koufo for a well earned refreshment.


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